bloody mess in poop and no more eggs


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
I let the chickens roam the garden for few hours a day, then one day i notice a poop below their roosting pole, looked all red and very messy, poop mixed with blood???? they could have eaten rasberries too???/ I have 4 birds and only one is laying, there were 2 laying and then the bloody poop now only one egg. Is it that they stopped laying already, is it time for a light? did something awful happen to one of my chickens? I'm so new at this so I'm worried, they are all so happy and healthy and no more nasty poops... help?
the bloody poo could be from the natural shedding of the intestinal lining..i read it on here somewhere...they shed a little blood every so many poos...the time change from light to dark could be the reason your hens quit laying...they should be back in business before long...try putting a 40 watt bulb in hen house til about 9pm..hope this helps

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