bloody stool after antibiotic? normal, or is something else going on?

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    Okay. I'm a mess. New with chickens; had flock about 2 weeks. My Sussex has strange sounds & what I think is sneezing, thought she might have a respiratory thing going on. So, isolated her and put antibiotic in her water and in the larger coop. Now, this morning the larger coop has bloody stools. Is is from antibiotic or something else. I did deworm them at beginning of week. Confused. Do I have a flock of sick birds or what?
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    Now I think I know why people raise their own chicks...I got mine as pullets.
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    Nov 20, 2007
    I'm not sure what to tell you. I hope someone with more experience with illnesses can help you. If you heard sneezing it certainly sounds like it's something respiratory, but it's odd that you're also seeing bloody stools.
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    Thanks for replying, annmarie, no matter your experience!

    I did read in some backlogs on here that bloody stools after antibiotics are often seen. I plan of giving them some yogurt to get good bateria back in their stomachs. It's just a little scary, not knowing what to do, knowing they depend on me. I am trying to self-educate as quickly as I can. Have ordered Oxine for future use, to keep the coop as hygenic as possible.
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    could they have cocci? can you get a pic of the poop?
  6. Quote:Thats what I am thinking also. Where did you get them from?
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    Well, the poop seems to be all a little different. Some looks normal with red, some runny with red, etc. I think they're reacting to the antibiotic I gave them starting yesterday, and continuing today. I've read on a different post that this sometimes happens. I'll take antibiotic out at end of day or in the a.m. and hopefully they will come around. Will administer yogurt, too.

    Let me ask this: do Sussex hens sound different?? Stupid question, probably, but I have noticed that my Australorps chirp differently than others, that my BRs act more social, etc. I'm wondering if my Sussex is a baritone that has me more concerned than I should be. She's the one I have isolated because she sounds so bad (deep voice) and sometimes sneezes/coughs. Thought I'd put it out there...
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    I got them from a guy close to me, a breeder. I did hear of a guy who got some young pullets from him the other day, and one was dead today. Doesn't bode well for me.
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    I would agree cocci is probably the culprit. When they have cocci, it weakens their immune system and lets other bad stuff in. What kind of antibiotics did you use? How bloody are the stools? Solid blood or streaking? What did you use for a wormer? How old are these birds?

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