Bloody Stool On My Silkie


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
One of my silkies is having bloody stools and I checked her back end this morning and found a half dollar sized hole back there... I'm not sure what happened to her. My other girls aren't ganging up on her at all so I'm not sure what or how it happened. She does have some bloody stool still attached to her back end so I was going to soak her when I got home to get that off. Does anyone have any idea what this could be. I noticed some bloody stool yesterday and thought maybe she was starting to lay and that is why she was a little bloody but it seems to be worse today and that's when I noticed the hole today. Any ideas on how to treat this or what they think might be going on would be greatly appreciated.
Bloody stools usually indicate coccidiosis or severe intestinal infection. Do you think your hen may have had a prolapsed vent or cloaca that got pecked? Corid is the treatment for coccidiosis--2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp powder to 1 gallon water for 5-7 days. Treat all birds.
Thanks for the suggestion I will try that and see if it helps... She seemed more herself when I got home today and her back end didnt look as bad as it did when I left. I gave her a soaking bath to help get the stools off her feathers and she seemed to perk up some more after that. I don't think she was prolapsed... She's still a young hen and hasn't started laying yet, that's why I thought she might have started to lay and that was where the blood was coming from.

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