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    I have someone, or someones, in my flock putting out the worst looking bloody poos. They're about normal consistency, with a firmer middle, and then liquid around but it looks like almost straight blood. Flock consists of 10, 16 week-old RIR (vaccinated), and 27 9 week-old NH Red and Cornish X(non-vaccinated). I've watched them and have seen quite a few of the older RIR poop with no blood and a few of the young NHR so I'm thinking some of the Cornish. Anyways, I've looked around on the site and I guess it's probably Cocci so I'm picking up Sulmet today. Their litter is dry and well-ventilated but I guess 37 in a 10x16 coop is kind of pushing it. They range all day. I get that worms may also be to blame but they get DE in their feed and I don't see any trace of worms in the poo. Other than the bloody stool they're active and lively as ever!

    My question is would you guys recommend buying Sulmet and Iveromec(sp?) or some kind of wormer and just administering both? Or starting with just Sulmet? I called my local vet and they "don't do chicken stool samples" - totally unexpected as I live in the country. So I'm kind of attacking a problem based on one symptom with no other info. Thanks for any help.
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    That's a great guide. Thank you for the reply. By the looks of the cocci picture I'd say that's what one (or some) of mine have. I'm starting Sulmet today.
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    Since both are rough on the chickens systems, just do one at a time. Too bad the vets in your area won't do a fecal float to really pin point the issue.
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    I would put them on 7 days of sulmet or corid in the water
    for the coccidiosis now that you have it diagnosed

    Nathalie's "threehorses"explanation of sulmet is
    Sulmet is sulfamethazine. coridis amproylium
    Sulmet is used for treatment against bacterial scours in cattle, which just happens to be E. coli.

    It also is used against Coryza, Pastuerella, and Salmonella Pullorum in poultry. It's an old fashioned sulfur drug, very broad spectrum, safe for babies, easy to give.

    then give them the wet mash probiotic so they can make good gut flora

    Here is the way I would use and have used sulmet for coccidiosis

    Now what to do and what to feed after medicating for coccidiosis

    to make sure they eat the medicated wet mash do this first ans second day of treating and medication in the water 7 days
    also I use the wet mash with sulmet or corid


    if using corid 9.6%
    1 QT OF of dry mash
    2 QTS of water
    add 2 tbsp of corid 9.6% to the water
    feed 2 tsp per chicken for a feeding

    feed this two mornings to get the medication in the birds
    also at same time put the corid or sulmet in the drinking water for 7 days

    each chick get 2 tsp of the wet mash with coccidiosis meds

    speckled hen gives corid(9.6%) liquid in 3-4 tbsp per gallon of water
    and after medicating give the following things

    either the corid amproylium or the sulmet will work but now you have a difficient gut problem with the E.coli
    and it needs to have the Vitamin E and selenium put in the wet mash probiotic to help the E.coli gut problem

    do this

    now the
    natural probiotic recipe is is:
    1 qt of dry crumbles
    2 qts of milk, sweet, sour, or buttermilk or a mixture of all or some
    1/4 cup of non flavored yoguart ( no artificial sweetmer)
    mix good

    and add 1- 1000 mg of Vit E by cutting the end off the vit E capsule for each chick fed this wet mash
    and 1 seliunium tablet crushed for each chick fed this wet mash
    putting it in the wet mash

    this for each chick your treating
    so for each chick use 2 tsp of mixture and 1-1000 mg of Vit E
    and 1 sleinium tablet crushed in the wet mash probiotic
    twice a day for them till the manure is solid

    Feed what they will clean up in 20-30 minutes
    then clean wet feeders and restock dry crumbles

    do this twice a day for a week
    till the chicks manure is right
    then quit the Vit E and selinium make just the wet mash probiotic
    then once a week for life

    after medicating the birds use Apple cider binegar in waterers
    do not use ACV with medication

    2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon of the chicken water so their gut flora wil be regulated
    they should have this at least 3-5 days a week
    then three days aweek after they are over coccidiosis

    the vit's are neccessary to clean up the damaged gut problem
    take all the electrolytes out of the water

    email me any questions so you are not confused

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