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Is there anything one can do(i.e. feed, light, temperature) to increase the thickness of the bloom on a chicken's egg? My girls aren't laying yet. I'm curious because I've been reading that it's actually the bloom that causes eggs to appear pink or purple. Colorful eggs are so neat! :D
Hi there just need some advice about egg bloom. Some of my girls eggs don't appear to have a bloom and appear somewhat chalky. Eggs are just as delicious and since acquiring my beautiful cross bread cockeral `Ronnie Wood` I have successfully incubated 4 out of 6 eggs and have very lively growers. Any advice much appreciated.
It's been my impression that the "chalky" appearance is the bloom. I believe that's why the marans eggs sometimes appear to be maroon. I'm not at all sure about it, though. My girls won't be laying for another six weeksish.

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