Blowing out emu eggs for crafting

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    Someone over in the turkey forum asked me how I blow out my eggs with the egg having only one hole (to save the egg for crafting)

    well.. here's my reply.. I figured I would go ahead and post it here as well to help anyone who wants super teeny holes in their eggs

    It's how I deal with my infertile and scrambled eggs.. and how I would also blow out a fresh egg if I wanted to use the insides for cooking or to feed to the dogs.

    the nice thing is that this method only makes ONE hole in the egg... so for people who want to carve the eggs there are less stress fractures and also only one hole to work around for their design

    the teeny hole is also the size I drill into the air space of an egg if I feel the "soon to hatch chick" needs a little more oxygen

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    There is a little gadget you can get called the "Blas-Fix Egg Blower"
    I know it looks really cheaply made.. but mine works great and I think I have used it on a couple of hundred eggs so far.. I'm going to end up with several in case mine ever dies and the company decides to discontinue them

    to drill the hole I use a teeny drill bit and a hand drill (not electric),, they are also called a pin vise

    I didn't care for the "drill" that came with the Blas-Fix

    Once the contents of the egg have been removed I fill the egg blower with water and a little detergent and use it to put water inside the shell to wash the inside.. a few shakes of the egg and then use the blower to remove the water.. after that it's a quick rinse and then letting it air dry

    I use the exact same tools for my emu eggs.. so the hole is incredibly tiny and there is just the one.. it does take longer for the eggs to dry on the inside.. but I find that the teeny hole is worth the extra drying time... lol.. granted the time it takes to blow out an emu egg I could have done a few dozen regular eggs.. but that little egg blower makes it a whole lot easier then drilling two holes and trying to blow out an egg the traditional way!

    one of my eggs:

    compared to an emu egg with a "normal" hole (picture isn't mine.. found on google):

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    I think i bought those 2nd eggs in the picture,lol
    I like the one hole method myself, use it for all my chicken and turkey eggs that I craft.
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    thanks...... I should order couple of them. I was debating whether I should use syringe...... which will replace my daily exercise and help me build muscles hehe

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