BLRW, Blue Copper Marans and Olive Eggers Please


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Mar 8, 2010
Mid-Coast Maine
Need some direction please. I can only hatch 24+ eggs at a time in my Brinsea Oct 20 Eco. I want to get some BLRW, Blue Copper Marans and some OE's if possible. 8+ of each. Would be much easier logistically and expense wise if I could get all of these from the same breeder in one shipment. Do any breeders here fit this bill or can someone point me in the direction of someone who carries all three of these breeds(I know OEs are mixed breeds) - I have found some with a couple of these breeds, but still searching for someone who carries all three... Hoping to do a MArch hatch but have begun the hunt now. THANKS!
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I have the Black Copper Marans and the large eggs for the Olive egger olive green layer if you are interested. I also have the Cuckoo Marans, and Buff Brahama eggs. Sorry, I do not have all that you would like to have.
I have all three. I have 2 pens of Marans. Both have a Blue Copper Marans roo (one darker and one lighter) I have Black and Blue Copper pullets in each pen. Your hatch would be blue, black and splash. I have Olive eggers too... right now a couple of pens one with sexlined Olive Eggers and the other has Olive Egger x Olive Egger. I also have Jerry Foley's 2012 Breeding BLRW. I bought his main BLRW Roo and 4 hens from his breeding pen.

My BLRW are on strike, but my March should be laying again. The Marans are good layers but take breaks for a few weeks and then pick back up so we will have to make sure everyone is laying. 8 eggs from each would be no problem when everyone is laying.

PM if you want more info.
I have some in my incubator right now. Can't wait for them to hatch. I was going to suggest Donna. I have high hatch rates from her eggs

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