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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by kelliepulido, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Splash hens good type,roo is dark but poor type what would happen if I bred to glw roo
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    to answer the question. Your first generation would be all blues. Back breed those, or breed back to the GLW and get blue laced golds.
    In order to get the red laced, you have to introduce a red gene (mahongony) to the gold laced as well. There are oh 50-100 threads on this section about it. Seems like everyone wants the blr in various breeds, myself included (yep I too have a how to make it thread down the list, LOL)

    But with what you have listed, you will get blues aas your F1's then Blue laced golds as the F2's
    your roo being weak in type or pattern will effect the offsprings quality as well though. So if you are wanting good ones. I'd start with good breeders both in pattern/color and body type. Much easier when creating colors to start with good stock, than it is to just focus on the color/pattern and get junky looking birds to have to correct to type at the end.

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