12 Years
Mar 14, 2007
I have 3 blue laced red wyandotte hens for sale. they are two years old. One would make a great breeder. she has the dark red color and the plump wyandotte body. The other two are grade hens, one has a crossed beak and the other has bad lacing, but deep color. They are currently broody and sitting on guinea eggs so they will be ready to go as soon as the chicks are ready. They are good layers but get broody for a couple months in the spring.

$15 each, the guineas will go free with mom if they hatch.

The crossed beak hen is free to whom ever takes another hen.

I live between Saratoga NY and Manchester VT. I am moving and have to sell. I have a few other things for sale too; chickens and other turkeys so check my other ads.
Hi, I pmed you...are these girls still available? If so I am definitely interested in two and any guinea chicks they might hatch. Possibly some of your turkeys as well.
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I don't think I received your message so you may want to try again. They are still available. I have a few people interested but I'm not sure which ones they would like, I have several to chose from, turkeys too.

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