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CluckN'Crow Farm
11 Years
Aug 5, 2008
Well, today we decided to dispatch a few roosters and send them to freezer camp. At one point early on, we had to use blu-kote on one of them due to several hens picking on him. From everything we have read, one should never eat a bird that had blu-kote applied to it so we threw that bird out.

Is this accurate and if so, what is the reason?

Normally, I would not use blu-kote but in this case I had no choice.

Any information is appreciated!!
I would really like to know, sorry you might not be able to eat your hand
It looked lovely in the restaurant last night! I had no idea it wouldn't come of!!! lol My hen is healing up quite well, but I would like to know if there are any adverse affects . . . hey maybe they just meant don't eat the blue skin?
i'm also interested to know the answer to this. i've used blu-kote on my horses etc for years. i've gotten the stuff on me more times than i can count. i even got a little in my mouth once when the wind blew the overspray back at my face (not very tasty
) lol it was interesting the next day explaining to everyone why i had blue/purple speckles on my face
(if only it were as easy to get that stuff off of skin as it is to get it on you)
i've never had any adverse effects from it, so my guess is that as long as it had worn off before processing, the chicken would have been okay to eat. i would not have sold it to someone else but if it was for your own use i personally wouldn't have worried about it.
According to the MSDS, the only hazardous property is just rubbing alcohol. I've heard the same thing about not eating chickens that have had it on them, but based on that MSDS, assuming it is accurate, I don't understand the problem.

I am wondering if the issue is with the propellants. This MSDS refers to the aerosol version, it would be interesting to see the "dab-on" version MSDS. I only use the dab-on version with q-tips, and yes, it does get one me, anyway.
I agree by that article rubbing alchohol is the worst thing in it . . . so don't drink it. My hand is no longer blue after three days . . . so for me that's the time frame that you shouldn't eat it! lol!
I've searched the house for my aerosol can and can't find it

I'm pretty sure this is the same stuff we used , even back in the 60s , sold as Blu Kote or Violet Blue Wound Dressing . If memory serves we never used it on udders of cows due to it being a poison , and I still use it on my dogs only on the areas they can't lick . Like others here , I've frequently ended up with blue fingers and even a bit in my mouth [ it certainly tastes like poison
] ; no ill affects but that was very limited exposures . The Violet Blue came in powder form with a " salt shaker " type can and still had hazard warnings on it .

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