BLUE-AMERAUCANA eggs not all blue

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I bought these on ebay from Gabberd Farms / julie3810

They are listed in the AMERAUCANA BREEDERS CLUB
2009 BREEDERS DIRECTORY which is why I bought from them.
I thought that they were supossed to be all blue and the pic on ebay shows pure blue eggs
These are what I got in the pic below.
Left to right. Blue, Blue, Green, White, White, Dirty White and Blue.

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I order three different set of this site. Each time they where blue /green. there is writing on he top what does it say, maybe they sent you the wrong eggs.
It looks like the tops of them say BAM, which I would take to mean blue am. But I've seen her ads on ebay before for americanas eggs, and going by the wording, I would say she has EE. She might also have blue am, or possibly used to have them, but ameraucanas shouldn't lay white eggs ever.

ETA: Gabbard Farms (julie3810) is The Farmer's Wife on here, though I've not seen her in a very long time.
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Sorry, I just did a search for her on ebay, and she does appear to have blue AM and EE. You should contact her and see what she says. They should never lay white eggs, only blue or green.
well I know that some of my true Ameraucana eggs have lightened greatly over time and are closer to white than the blue they once were are these real white or really pale blue, cause if the latter then I would say she may just have hens 2 years or older and the color has lightened over time. The green one, well I would give an explanation to a customer if I knew I was breeding a hen that laied that color. Maybe she is spectacular and that is why she is in the breeding program. Or maybe you were had, I find this less likely but hey what does it take to join a club, just a few bucks I think....

I have had some very bad purchases from both eggbid and e-bay it is hard cause most people leave good feedback when the eggs arrive not after hatch. But with your situation I would e-mail her and ask what is going on, and the eggs should be photographed corerectly in the auction.
Wow, those really look different than what is posted on the auction. Although if you read through her feedback there is one person who says exactly that, who also bought these eggs. I myself, would be very upset if I received these.
Amercuana should NOT ever lay green or olive eggs or white eggs. Sometimes later in the laying cycle the blue eggs would look faded and its normal.

I think she does raise some EEs in there if there are some green egg layers. Did she mentioned there is some EE hens in the flock with her pure Amercuana hens?
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