Blue/Black/Splash - Can it be determined at hatch?


8 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Northern California
My question relates to Orpingtons but could apply to Blues of other breeds. I have been searching high and low here and on the web for this info and have yet to find it. My apolgies if this is a repeat. Can you determine whether a chick is a Blue/Black/Splash when it hatches? Are the lightest, yellow & lavendar looking chicks always the Splash? Or do some of these develop into Blues? All info greatly appreciated!
Yes, in my limited experience once they dry it's very easy to tell. Splash will be much lighter than the blue/black
The picture below is from another person's post. Arrows are mine. I noted the colors that were my best guess based on other internet postings. Wodering if I got it right or if what I have noted as a Blue is probably a Black and/or if what I have noted as a Splash could turn into a Blue. Are the Splash lighter than what is below?

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