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  1. Yes! I know! Who would have thunk it? My blue eggs are cursed! Here's how I found out...

    I'm a newb to raising my own chickens and just this year I started a nice small flock for eggs, blue eggs to be exact. Not that all my chickens lay blue eggs, two lay brown and 3 lay tiny white ( My Silkies ) eggs. My other 3 hens lay turquoise blue eggs. I started selling my excess eggs to friends in town. This is where I found out blue eggs are cursed! The first couple of egg sales were uneventful, ie., no comments except how fresh the eggs were and how their yolks stood up in the frying pan. Nada about the curse of the blue egg! Not until now! One of my friends has been buying most of my excess eggs and then reselling them to her neighbors. She's the witness and source of my story. Like I stated before, my eggs have been received with little fanfare and minor comments about how cool the blue colored eggs are. So, when my friend tells me she can no longer sell my eggs I was a bit surprised. I asked her what's the problem? Do my eggs suck? Were they bad? Dirty? Did they stink? "No", she said, "They're blue!"
    Huh?! What?!
    Yes, one of her neighbors said she no longer wanted any eggs from me because they're blue! She then went on to say that blue eggs are not natural and must be cursed! I'm not sure what her reasoning is based on but she was raised in another country so maybe that's the issue. Maybe it's an old myth? I hope so!
    Has anyone ran across this before? Now I'm curious to find if it truly is an old myth...

    BTW, I sell most of my blue eggs to one friend who ONLY wants blue eggs! She loves the taste and the rock hard shells![​IMG]
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    That's hilarious. There is a thread on here about the funniest things people have said about your chickens. The curse certainly belongs on there.
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    Dec 11, 2011
    I also have chickens for the blue egg. My excess eggs go to my neighbor. I also have a rainbow of colors, ranging from the very dark brown, green, white, blue, brown and pinkish. After a time went by, she told me that she no longer wanted the blue. She thinks they taste different. (She also told me that she'd rather have the very large ones instead of the smaller ones). I decided that since I give them to her, I'll keep the very large ones and she can have some of whats left. As far as taste, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After reading your post, I should be happy that they aren't cursed. lol
  4. Well, when you hard boil them they (the blue eggs) are always way harder to peel, maybe that has something to do with "the curse" lol.
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  5. Ridgerunner

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    Sorry, I don't agree with that at all. I find no difference in peeling blue, green, white, or brown.
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    I just think some chickens might be getting more calcium than others. Some of my eggs are real hard to crack open & others aren't is hard. Thinner egg shells thats what I've observed.

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    Well, I'd LOVE to have blue eggs. I love the ones with color. They are just beautiful.

    And I have a devil of a time peeling my hard boiled brown eggs until I discovered steaming them. My rice cooker has a basket insert w/ egg cups. Put them in and steam for 20 minutes and voila. The shells come off in one piece. If you are doing this over the stove, bring the water to a boil first and then set the timer. With the rice cooker, you put in so little water that it begins to steam almost immediately.
  9. Ridgerunner

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    I just boil them for 10 minutes, starting with cold water. Once they are finished boiling for 10 minutes, I fill the pan with cold water, dump it when the water gets warm, and put in more cold water.

    If he eggs are pretty fresh, they are hard to peel regardless of color. If they are a couple of weeks old, they are usually easy to peel. I find that age makes a difference, not color.
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    I have never eaten blue eggs and it does seem a little strange to me because they remind me of robins eggs or something other than chicken eggs and I would never think of eating robins eggs. That being said I just got my Easter Egger babies last week just for the color. I am really hoping they will lay blue eggs and putting the robin thing aside, I will definitely give them a try.

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