Blue Kote Overload Help!!!!!!!!

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  1. DixieDame67

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Jonesbourgh Tennessee
    after work jetted to TSC got some blue kote, one of my polish babys is being picked at badly, guy assured me moderate use is fine for chic, get home, its in a pump spray, OMG, one squirt and my polish chic is now a seriously half balding head white/purple, lil punk rocker, and 4 of my fingers permantlely dyed, and sink to. i hurried and wiped off as much as i could, anyone with expeirence with this stuff, chic appears fine , immediately i layed chic back to be sure not to get in eyes, if others pick at it, will it hurt them?

  2. MikasGirl

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    Apr 17, 2009
    Coos Bay, OR
    Blu Kote is not poisonous to animals. We use it on our chickens and they aren't harmed by it. It will come off of you eventually. Your chick should be just fine! When our Polish hens were babies, we used Rooster Booster brand Pick-no-more lotion. It works but if the chick shakes its head and a drop of it lands on your face, it will burn. Same goes for the chick, so just be careful if you decide to use that instead. But as the hens get older I would definetely use Blu Kote.
  3. DixieDame67

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Jonesbourgh Tennessee
    thanks so much for replying, it did not burn me at all, i was just worried cuz one squirt and WOW it was everywhere, i should have put on gloves...not worried about me, just worried about the chics, they just started yesterday picking and this am it's little head was almost bald and very red, no blood though is why i took action quickly......Thanks

  4. Jenski

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    Jun 17, 2008
    Middle Tennessee
    The active ingredient is gentian violet, an antifungal. Won't hurt you.

    If you do a search of this forum you may come across some quite amusing photos of other folks who have had . . . ahem . . . accidents with the Blu Kote spray bottle. [​IMG]

    Good luck with your chick!
  5. chickeepoo

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    Mar 10, 2008
    Orlando, FL
    Yep, I've been one of those "Blu-Kote accidents"… took bleach and a couple of days to fade off my fingers! Think I'll go look up some of those photos now…[​IMG]
  6. danielbrown

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    Feb 27, 2009
    Spartanburg, sc
    I have some on me now.
    I have a 6wk old drake that was getting picked on because pin feathers on his wing started bleeding. I gave his wing a good coat and 3hrs later he was solid purple/black pied and rest of the flock was purple splash. [​IMG]

    Sorry i didn't get pics.
  7. bradmck

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    Mar 23, 2009
    I don't have any advice on your chic, but you can get it off your fingers and probably the sink with a little bit of Gin. I've obviously had one of those accidents too! [​IMG]

    I had a martini (Bombay Sapphire FWIW) in front of me at the time and figured it was worth a try. Rubbed some on my thumb (which looked like papa-smurf) and wiped with a paper towel. It took the stuff right off. Made me wonder what the gin is doing to my insides..... [​IMG]

  8. zippy11455

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    Mar 31, 2009
    Dixie, at least you aren't in any danger and the BlueKote will cure any outbreaks of impetigo or ringworm your hands might or might not have. Gentian violet is what the country Dr used to hand out when I was a kid. I remember seeing kids liberally coated in the stuff. Even though impetigo is a staph infection it seemed to work fairly well to clear it up. Although, it took couple of weeks of being painted purple. I think mothers must have been so relieved when triple antibiotic ointment started being available over the counter. No more trying to get the purple stains off the kids clothes. It was virtually impossible to remove gentian violet, I remember seeing purple stained t-shirts and purple tighty whiteys hanging on clotheslines.

    Many staph infections have now become antibiotic resistant and more difficult to cure. I wonder if we will be seeing gentian violet being used again.

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