Blue Laced Red Wyandotte?


5 Years
Mar 17, 2016
I received a shipment of several exotic birds. I had them send an assortment of their exotics. I have identified many of them but a few have me stumped. The possible birds in the selection are Araucana (Ameraucana), Silver Laced Wyandotte, Light Brahma, Blue lace Red Wyandotte, White Crested Black Polish, Silver Laced Polish, Welsummer, Delaware and Saipan Jungle Fowl.

The one I am trying to identify is the one on the right. The one on the left is a Wellsummer.

Here is a side view

Another side view

A view from the top.

The chick is about 4 weeks old in this picture. My guess is a blue laced red wyandotte. What are your thoughts?
I have really been questioning this one. We were hoping for an Ameraucana, but I haven't seen any muffs yet. This one isn't showing the laced look either and so that is why I am baffled at what it is.
Yeah we have a 4 week old EE with a very similar look in the wings and head. We got our EE's from a prestigious farm near us, (The box was marked Ameraucana) so the idea doesn't seem that far fetched
There's so much mislabeling that goes on when it comes to EEs and AMs.
So sad!

So help me understand the difference between an EE and an AM. The description from the website says "Araucanas, or the Easter Egg Chicken as they are commonly referred to.." and the title of the chicken says "Araucana - (Ameraucanas)". Is there a difference between an Araucana and an Ameraucana?


This is the picture of the adults from their website.

If mine is an Araucana then it is probably a cockrel. At least that is what I am guessing from the picture and the coloring of the chick.
An Ameraucana is a recognized breed of chicken stemming from the chilean breed Arucana (which has ear tufts instead of muffs) which both lay blue eggs, whereas Easter Eggers have one Ameraucana parent and another undifined parent, and the easter eggers lay a variety of egg colors. EE chicks typically look the same from hatch, but because of the non Ameraucana parent, can become virtually any color. My EE looked like yours until it grew yellow and black barred feathers on its head, neck, and back.
At what age do you think I will be able to tell if it truly is an EE and it's gender?

That's an Easter Egger...


This is an Ameraucana, note slate blue legs and it is an acceptable color for an Ameraucana...


This is an Araucana, rumpless and tufted instead of muffs/beard... :)

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