Blue Scale Quail


10 Years
May 5, 2009
Lexington, TX
I am thinking about trying some blue scale quail. Do any of you raise them? What are the pros and cons for raising the blue scales? Are they good layers? Good meat birds? Good flyers, etc...? Also, do any of you close to or in Texas sale hatching eggs for them?
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I have raised Gambel's and valleys for about a year now, and I just bought two pairs of Blue Scales about 3 months ago. They are pretty much identical to the valleys and Gambel's with their habbits. They are pretty birds, they are very flighty and impossible to tame. From what I read they lay about 50 eggs per year, So far I have gotten 4 eggs, and then I realized my birds were eating their eggs so I am trying to make them stop, but I don't know how, lol.

They are not good meat birds for two reasons, they are too expensive to be good meat birds, and they take too long to grow, I would go with Coturnix quail if you want meat and eggs.

I live in Michigan and the Valleys and Gambel's are okay with the winter, but I have all my birds in a large Amish barn with cages inside the barn and I keep at least 12 birds per cage during the winter so they can keep a natural covey.

I do not have any to sale as I only have two pairs and I have only gotten 4 eggs, but all seem to be fertile!
I do not remember, I will have to check through a million e-mails, but I will check tomorrow.
I noticed someone is selling some on eggbid though.

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