Blue Screen of Death


10 Years
Mar 9, 2009
Ok, the blue screen of death is not from Windows, it's at BYC. EVERY TIME I click a link, open a page, post a reply, whatever, it takes me to a 2-tone blue screen. I have tried having the site on the compability view, and still the BSOD. Any ideas? I have dial-up (grrrrr), and that may be part of the problem.

When you see the BSOD, quick write down the stop error. It will look something like Stop: 0xFFFFFFFF (0x00000000 0xF73456GR 0x0000000E 0x0000000F)

You can paste that into Google and generally find out what happened. Most often it is a driver problem or a bad spot on a memory chip, the BSOD tells you what it is.

Here's a guide to reading BSOD's:

Instead of waiting for the next one to happen, look in your eventviewer and see if you can find it there, you can cut and paste the info into Google.

To launch eventviewer, click the start button, then run, and in the box type in eventvwr and hit enter. I think the info will be under the system tab, but I can't remember for's been years since I've gotten one.
It's not a Windows BSOD, it's a two-tone blue blank page that comes up every time I try to navigate this website. Like when I read your reply, and I thank you for it, I click on "Reply", and it takes me to the two-tone page. I have to refresh the page to get what I want to come back up. Every link I click on, there's the page. Refresh, and I go to the link. This is the only site that happens on, and only since the revamp. Hmmmmm.
Then it sounds like the site starts loading and then gets blocked- the page load begins with a blue background, then layers stuff over it. I recall seeing something similar happening on another site when they added facebook links, but there was a problem with the facebook thing loading- the site would stop loading at that point, hourglass spinning, and the next elements in sequence couldn't load.

I used adblocker and blocked the whole frame with the facebook connect thingy, and then the site would load.

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