Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicks


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Mar 23, 2008
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For pick up only.

2 Blue Wheaten Ameraucana chicks. I set eggs in early Feburary to do a fertility test and these little ones were the result. The chicks will be just over a week old on by Saturday of this week.


My Ameraucanas are from Jean Ribbeck, I have a Blue Wheaten roo over 4 Blue Wheaten hens. A BW X BW pairing results in approximately 50% Blue Wheaten, 25% Wheaten and 25% Splash Wheaten offspring.


These chicks are unsexed and will be sold straight run, however one of the perks of the Blue Wheaten variety is that they can be feather sexed at about 2 to 3 weeks of age. Males will start feathering out with darker plumage while the females will remain a creamy Wheaten color.

The egg color from my hens has consistently been a lovely shade of blue.


Again, these chicks are for pick up only. I am not set up to ship live birds at this time, however later in the spring I do plan to do so. I am in Oakland, CA. I will drive within an hours distance to meet you if you cannot make the trip to the Bay Area. I would like to find permanent homes for these little ones by the weekend.


ETA: Ack, I did not mean to list these chicks as an auction. The price is set firmly at $20, there is no need for bidding. If you are interested please PM me, do not bid.
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I sent you an email via craigslist. Don't know if you got it, I copied and pasted your contact info so I may have screwed it up. I am in Alameda and interested in your chicks. I am a little worried about getting roosters because they aren't allowed by the city. Is there a possibility that you will be hatching more this spring? AND possibly selling sexed older chicks???

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