Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Gender


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Apr 20, 2015
Fair Hill, MD
I have 2 pure bred Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas that are approximately 6 weeks old. When I got them, they were about 2 weeks old, and looked almost identical, but now they have a few differences.

Here's the first one. It has noticeably longer tail feathers, and is getting some darker brown feathers on the wings. It's comb is pretty much all yellow.

Here's the second one. Coloring seems a bit lighter, but much more gray on the head. Also, the tail feathers are shorter, and comb looks like it's pretty red.

Hoping for 2 pullets, because I won't be able to keep a rooster in my neighborhood.
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Ok my chicken supplier let me switch the rooster out for another Blue Wheaten of my choice. She had 2 others left to pick from, so I got the one that I thought looked least likely to be a rooster. Take a look and let me know what you think.


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