Blue/wheaton Ameraucana eggs - 8+


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Nov 22, 2007
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Offering 8 plus any extras of my blue/wheaton Ameraucana eggs. The eggs are pullet eggs, so they are small, but I have some in my incubator at day 10 developing well. Roo is from Peachicks eggs and the girls are from Pips and Peeps. Shipping cost will be actual shipping to your zip code. Paypal please. Again, these are from young birds, so the eggs are small. Eggs will be shipped next Tuesday, Oct 13. (Monday is a holiday).


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Beautiful birds, your killing me. I want blue/ wheaten Ameraucana's so bad.
Maybe next year.
These are whats in my incubator. The ones at the top are from my EEs out with the same Wheaton roo. The color isnt right; the eggs aren't quite that blue, they are lighter and more aqua. Color is so difficult to get accurately with these eggs. They did start out much bluer a couple of months ago. They've lightened since then.

OMG, I NEED some of those!! Would you have them ready by Thursday if I win them and pick them up? I'm making a trip to Ocala.

ETA: Never mind - just realized the auction doesn't even end by then!
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