blukote increased aggression

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    Jun 5, 2013
    I put BluKote on a chickens pecked up head as I was told she would be continued to pecked at with a red head. However, it all backfired because shortly after I did this 4 chickens ganged up on her and started pecking at her like they were trying to kill her. I have removed her as a result of this but I didn't know this would be an issue I am leery to use it again. Anyone have thoughts not sure what happened.
  2. HugHess

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    Jul 14, 2014
    Could it be the underlying problem, worsening,
    as in whatever got the other chickens started in on her in the first place?
    Where was she on the totem poll before this started?
    I hope others catch this thread. Feel bad for the both of you.
    Will hope she gets well soon and you get the answers you need.
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    I have used it with success several times on my Polish who were pecked and scalped, but I think everyone must use caution with a chicken that has been attacked before. It's always best to check on them often or be there when they are put back together. I think when it first occurs, it is probably best to separate for a couple of days in cage in the coop, still part of the flock, but separated. There are anti-pick lotions, bad tasting creams such as Bag Balm or Nustock, and aluminum-based products such as AluShield that can cover wounds while they heal. Everyone needs to try what works for themselves.

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    One thing I've learned with pecking-order problems....if it's done to one chicken, it's done to all.

    So, for a chick with splay-leg, ALL the chickens got vet-wrap and band-aids on their legs.

    For a hen who was pecked - EVERYONE got bluekote on them somewhere, some tails, some wings, some combs, some feet....just a spot 'o blue on everyone!

    Had a hen who had bumblefoot - EVERYONE got shoes (went through 3 boxes of band aids on that one!)

    Yes, it's very time consuming (flock of roughly 30, give or take). Yes, it can be expensive (in the case of the band aids!) But it's well worth it in the end.

    Best wishes to your scalped hen. Sometimes, a hen will have a medical issue which is unknown to us humans, but the birds know when someone is sick and they try to 'solve it' by themselves. This has been the hardest lesson to learn for me. Try separating her, try treating EVERYONE with bluekote, but know the flock knows something's up with this girl.
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    Jan 27, 2014
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    [​IMG] Yeah, bandaids can get spendy!!! Loved your post!

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