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    I've posted this on the incubating/hatching eggs forum but haven't gotten a response. Maybe you guys can help me out!

    One of my ladies has been in the same box going on two days now (sitting on a golf ball since I take the eggs). My problem is that she is sitting in THE favorite nest. I would like to move her - I have 10 other ladies that like that same nest and have gotten up in there with her these last two days to lay. This is my first broody and would like to let her be a mama but don't know what to do. I do have somewhere else to put her if I need to. Please give me any suggestions - advice on what to do.

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    This thread may give you some ideas, both on if you move her and if you decide to let her stay. I personally prefer isolating her in the coop so the others cannot get to her nest to lay but she sort of stays a part of the flock. It is also my most predator-proof area. People successfully do this different ways.

    Isolate a Broody? Thread

    If you do decide to move her, I suggest having an area big enough for a nest with room for food and water plus room to get off the nest and poop. My area for food, water, and poop is 16" x 24" with a separate nest area. There is always the chance that moving her will stop her from being broody. I suggest making the nest area fairly dark. This seems to help them accept the new area. Also, keep the golf ball under her for a couple of days after you move her to make sure she has accepted the new area before you give her the real eggs.

    I wish you luck. [​IMG] It sounds like you are thinking this through and are ready to try to make this work. I'll go ahead and predict success, whichever way you decide, purely because you re thinking it through.
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    I fully agree with Shaggy that the article is full of good information and well worth the read. I often recommend it myself. I'll point out that Mrs. Ussery has a different situation than the majority of us on this site. I do not have a separate broody flock and I can't pasture my chickens. I don't have the room and a road is too close. Just like the link I gave you, learn from this article and take the parts that are applicable to your situation and don't obsess over the rest. We all have different conditions and there is no one answer that is right for all of us in almost anything to do with chickens. From your post I think you already understand this, and I am not criticizing Shaggy in any way. It is a great article with a lot of good information.

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