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Aug 10, 2010
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Good afternoon everyone. I usually hang out over in the chicken forums as that is what I raise at home, how ever this is a question from my work! We have a rather large indoor bird aviary, we are a Nursing home and we love our birds!! We have a wonderful variety, just last week a female bob white quail was introduced into the aviary. I have to admit she is a big hit, every one comes to see her!! She is also about 500 times bigger than any of the other birds. She doesn't fly, stays mainly at the bottom. She is not at all aggressive with the other birds she eats her food fine and loves getting treats (strawberries are her favorite) She is getting tamer by the day and makes the cutest sounds when I open the aviary to feed her. She has been laying eggs since the first day she arrived. My residents are very worried about her as she paces back and forth for long periods of time. The aviary is about 4 feet wide and 10 feet long. They are worried she doesn't have enough space to live, or she needs shelter of some type. Can anyone let me know if pacing is normal for these birds. From what I know about her she has lived in a cage all her life. She doesn't seem anxious or uncomfortable and is not injured. I appreciate any one's input :)


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Quail are very social creatures so she may be looking for a friend. I don't know much about Bobwhite quail but Button quail can die of loneliness if kept singularly. I do know Bobwhites can be aggressive to members of their own species so they must only be kept in pairs. If you were going to introduce a male you would need to keep him separated but in sight initially (just like chickens) before putting them together.

Make sure you provide her with oyster shell grit to prevent her becoming egg bound.

Your residents must adore their aviary. It must be so relaxing for them to sit and watch the birds.


Jul 9, 2015
Ontario, Canada
The aviary sounds wonderful :)

My coturnix quail tend to pace around egg time, I think they're looking for a suitable place to build a nest/lay an egg.

Maybe she's looking for something like calcium supplement, grit, high protein quail feed or a friend like JaeG suggested :)

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