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    I am looking at getting some Bob Whites. What should I feed them? Are they winter hardy? Any info would be great. Thanks in advance. I will only be getting 4 or 5.
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    Feed chicks 30% protein gamebird starter. Feed adults 24% gamebird layer.

    They are monogamous (they choose a single mate for life) and unless you have a very large cage (1-200 sq ft or more) you cannot house multiple pairs in the same cage or coop. They can be bred with success in trios but I would recommend getting some experience with them first as that changes the social dynamic and can make keeping a bit more difficult.

    They can tolerate temps down to zero degrees as long as you block out the wind with plastic sheeting. Below zero a heat lamp should be considered.

    Chickens carry many diseases that they are resistant to but are fatal to quail. You should house them as far away from each other as practical, wash your hands before changing species, and use different tools and equipment to care for each.

    Cages should be built with the consideration that bobs are hard fast flying birds that will flush straight upward when startled. Head injuries and death often occur when they flush in cages not built with that consideration.

    Bobwhites can easily develop cannibalistic tendencies especially as chicks. They are very territorial and can be extremely aggressive with each other. Do your best to ensure cannibalism never starts by brooding chicks under a red light, supplying them with adequate space, and removing any birds being excessively picked on or any injured bleeding birds.

    Bobwhites need appx 4 sq ft per bird to be happy with their space. You'll know when you are doing something wrong because they will kill each other.

    Bobwhites are seasonal layer and will only begin to lay the first May after they have reached appx 30 weeks of age. They will appx. 100 eggs between May and August.

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