Bobwhites and chickens


6 Years
Jul 11, 2013
Horatio, Arkansas
I have bobwhite chicks about 5 days old. I now have chicks hatching. can i put them in the brooder box together? I have the bob-chicks and guinea keets together in the brooder box can I add chicks?
No your five day olds need to be kept several degrees cooler than your day olds. If temps are too high you'll have aggression/cannibalism issues moreso than bobwhites are already inclined to. With game birds it is hazardous to mix age groups until all birds are of similar size and have their adult feathers.
Not really. When chicks first come out theyre slower and weaker by a whole lot than even a day old chick. Chicks like to pick at anything that is any different. With bobs they have an increased tendency toward picking and aggression and that little beak is capable of a lot of damage so its best just to avoid it all together.

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