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Discussion in 'Quail' started by rwwjsw, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. rwwjsw

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    Jun 24, 2009
    I had been saving most of my Bob White eggs to incubate but that has not been going to well so I decided to boil some and take for a Memorial Day Cook out. Well I do not know if I did something wrong or what but I could not get the shell off. I would crack the egg and then I could not get the skin between the shell and the egg to tear open so most of the eggs were crushed before I could shell them. The one I did manage to open was very tasty. Is there something special I need to do I brought the water to a boil and allowed them to cook about 30 sec per egg. I figured about ½ the time of a chicken egg. My chicken and guinea deviled eggs did really good though big hit. Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. aprophet

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    Jan 12, 2010
    chesapeake Va.
    I cook mine 3-4 minutes I put the eggs in cover with water and I stir mine to keep the yolk from settling to one side I start at the air cell end and tap it against my sink then peel it kina like a potato or an apple I forgot I boil mine in 2 parts ACV to 4 parts tap water
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    Apr 6, 2009
    I boil mine for 4 minutes as well but what I do it I poke a tiny hole in the large end of the egg...I use a safety pin to poke the hole. I then put them into boiling water. They pretty easily this way.
  4. JJMR794

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    Mar 2, 2009
    Too Much Like Peeling M&m's! I Prefer To Hatch Them And Fry The End Result [​IMG] Or Baconwrap And Oven Roast, Or Hard Wood Smoke.... Did I Mention Bbq? [​IMG]
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    Use older eggs first off, they will peel a lot easier. You can also add a little vinegar in the water, or better yet, soak them in vinegar for a few hours, this will soften (dissolve) the shells. Never try to peel a boiled quail egg that isn't at least a week old, you will just tear them to bits. To boil them, bring the water to boil and turn it off. Put the eggs in the boiling hot (not boiling) water for about 5 minutes with the lid on the pan.

    Deviled quail eggs were a big hit at the IN chickenstock last year, but they were a major PITA to make! [​IMG]
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    I boil mine for 3 1/2 minutes and serve with celery salt.
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    Jun 24, 2009
    Thanks I will try everything and see what works the best for me
  8. Plain_View_Farm

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    Apr 5, 2008
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    The best way we have found to prepare Coturnix eggs which I wouldn't think should be any different..
    Steam them. We have a steaming basket you set in a pot. Bring your water in a large pot to a boil, set the basket of eggs in it and cover.
    10 min later put the eggs in cold water. Shells peel right off.

  9. the eggs do this because they need time to evaporate a bit of the moisture inside.
    With all the albumen(sp) and yolk inside, the membrane cant shrink any and is stuck to the inside of the shell.

    Like Shelley said, use older eggs
  10. katharinad

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    Dip in cold water after cooking for about 30 seconds. Ice cold water works even better. Never use a really fresh egg either. Store them in the fridge for a few days before boiling. Does not apply to scrambled eggs of course.

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