Bonding with Chickens - Pullets?


Mar 25, 2015
Hey, in a week or so I'm going to be buys two New Hampshire pullets from my friend who is recently accepted by the NPIP as a certified hatchery. They are going to be around 8 weeks old, so I can put them in the coop with my others. I'm doing all of the necessities of introducing new birds, and am going to add electrolyte to the water.

My problem is bonding. Right now, I have a flock of thirteen, consisting of Sex-Links, Leghorns, and Barred Rocks. All of them trust me, allow themselves to be held, and follow me wherever I go, so I try to get all of my chickens attached to me. However, all of those chickens I raised from chicks, which is a important time for bonding. I'm worried that it will be harder to bond with young pullets since I did not raise them as chicks. Is that true? Thanks in advance.

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Raising them from hatching definitely makes a difference and you may never get your older birds to a point where they are as friendly as those raised from chicks. However, having said that, the way to a chicken's heart is through its stomach. You should be able within a short time to get them running to you for treats and after they are comfortable taking treats from your hand, you can begin picking them up and cradling them gently in your arms. There is a good article at on how to do this.

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I think once they are integrated into your flock, the ones raised by you will be good examples, they like you and I think that will help bring the newbies over to your side.

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