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Chicken lover06

Jul 21, 2017
Hey guys just yesterday i got 10 baby chicks i got 5barred rock and 5 Rhode island reds well last year i got baby and they never bonded with me there still scared of me but 1 so know i need help on how to bond with my newbies
I know that hanging out where they are at will get them more used to you.. and talking they will associate your voice with food... I talk to mine all the Time my RIR will take grapes out of my hand..and most of them will come right up to me when im getting food out for them ...they just see me and they run towards me. If there is anything else I'd be interested in knowing it too
Well, I am on brood number 5 and I have spent a lot of time with every chick I have ever raised to this point. Some are super friendly, some are tolerant of me and some ignore me. I think interacting with them helps but I wonder if there is more to it than that. Like some breeds just being more friendly than others. Or even some strains of the same breed being more friendly than another strain. Or even individual personality.

Most of my Buff Orpingtons are very friendly. They let me pet them, pick them up, eat from my hand etc and they are a few years old now.

My RIR's pretty much tolerate me but are not friendly with me. Not like they are mean or anything, just indifferent.

My Barred Rock, only one, is super friendly. It tries to get into the house daily! Follows us around like a puppy. Jumps up on our laps and you name it!

My EE's are nosy! Always in your business but only want touched when they say so! Sassy and full of personality but friendly in their own way.

I have a few Australorps that fall somewhere between the Orps and the RIRs in personality.

I have more breeds but they are still chicks and I am still learning about them but as you can see, all of my birds act differently by breed even though they were raised the same way. However, that is a generalization. Some birds in each flock act differently than others!

I would love to see what others have to say on this topic! I am but a fledgling at raising chickens!
It is important for them to be able to see you approach. Talk to them so they know your voice, if possible set up a space where they can be free to rush about with you sitting with them. I do this with a big canvas tarp laid on the floor and we sit together and they play on me and stand on me, and, yes they will poop on you also. :sick I have a 2 week old Black Copper Marans rooster in my brooder right now who loves to sit on my arm and go for a walk and keep me company when I drink my tea. Basically, just dedicate some time to them when you are not trying to pick them up but just be in the same space. Like the poster said above, it really can depend on the breed, but I do believe that if they feel safe with you and not threatened, they will come to understand who you are and tolerate, if not even enjoy being with you.
Be gentle and kind
Talk quietly
Hold them a lot
Just sit and watch them
Feed them from your hand
Sing a certain song when you approach the box, then they’ll always know it’s the sweet food bearing person coming along, and continue to use the same song as you approach them as adults.
I've had mine for a week now. One already knows her name and comes flying to me when I call her.

About 3-4 times a day I take them each out individually and put them in my lap and pet them. I talk to them and they tilt their heads. At least one time a day I put my hand in the brooder and keep it completely still and they all come, they climb on my hand, plop down and lay down on top of my hand or as close as they can get. Every night the ducks get tub time and when they hear the water go on, they start talking. It seems they know the routine well.

Most importantly, every morning their first meal comes right from my hand. They don't have food all night so they are very hungry and have no issues pecking at my hand, then I put the food dish in. This has worked beautifully.

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