8 Years
Jun 2, 2011
Springfield, MA.
Today when checking my heartrate with her play stethascope

"Oh boy, I don't hear anything! You must be out of business!"

Not to long ago after bed - time prayers

"Jesus gave me a present and it was you Mommy! Jesus gave Aunt Corie a present too... it was a new pair of socks!"

Ten minutes ago after dropping her crayons all over the floor

"Well.. *sigh* ... crud. I'm always cleaning this place up!"

Over the last two months

"Cat's have tails so they can poop better"

"If I eat all my food I'll be as fat as you!" (I need to watch what I say when I step on the scale apparently)

"The sky is blue today because you drank your coffee and you're happy" (If this is the cure for seasonal depression hook me up to an I.V.)

After getting out of bed for the umpteenth time and being reprimanded "You're my Mommy, you have to be with me all the time anyway!"

And my personal favorite...

"Jesus loves us both so he made chocolate. Can I have some?"

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