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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    I have a copy of SMITH COUNTY JUSTICE written by David Ellsworth. This is a controversial book to say the least. Mine is a First Edition ( only printing I think ), autographed copy. Some surmise there were only 100,000 copies published. It was allegedly ordered off shelves and publishing halted by alleged corrupt law enforcement officials. Every copy that could be found was destroyed. People threatned. [​IMG] I am hearing it is somewhat rare. I know that on our local Craigslist there are copies for sale. One for $750. And the other for $500. Niether of these advertise that they are autographed. Another copy supposedly autographed by one participant for $2000. I think on E-bay.

    I don't know enough about proper descriptions of books for sale. What may be good shape to me may not to a collector. This is a hard back with no damage. There is slight discoloration of page edges. Dust cover is raggedy with taped places. How and where would I find out the worth so I don't cheat myself or get taken by a buyer. Thanks for any advice.

    There is now a paperback, made to order book $48. and one you can read online. These books seem to dissapear and info is deleted. The Tyler, Tx Library supposedly has a copy under lock and key but there is a LIST of names who request it, and you are monitered at all times. [​IMG] It is all kind of silly to me. I just want to sell the book. Although there seems to be a lot of lives destroyed, and of course that is not to be taken lightly. How much do I ask?

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    Jul 1, 2009
    Maybe go and get an estimate? Or list it for $500 on ebay and see if it sells! If you are honest with your listing, they can't be unhpappy!
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    When one lives in the middle of nowhere that is hard to do. Where to take it and where to look is exactly the kind of help I am asking about. If I list it for $500., to see if it sells and it does, and I then find out its worth $800. I would have shorted myself $300.. Doesn't make much sense to me......... I'm much more concerned with me getting the right price. Thank you for your astute observations and kind comments. I am nothing but honest and honorable which is why I am looking for help to describe it in proper terminology.

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    You could offer to ransom it to Smith Co. Law enforcement. They might pay anything for it. Of course you may not live to collect. [​IMG]

    But seriously try a local museum they would know about appraising a book, and about condition. Or they will know where to refer you to.

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    I would try to get an estimate on it, maybe at a mueseum or antique place or something...? also, on ebay you can set a starting/opening bid but then make the actual bid something higher to get people to bid on it and you may or may not tell them what the real price is, your choice, but they may ask you, so for example you have an old cd from a band you used to like but now you dont really and you wanna make some money so you decide to sell it on ebay so you could set the starting bid on it at say a dollar ($1) to get people to bid (oh look this cds only a dollar! jk, not really...) but then you set the actual at say $15 but dont say that so people can keep bidding than when they get to set price you can tell them and/or they can buy it so you could do that until you find out what its really worth plus you could always delete/end the auction and/or make a new one if you wanted to so thats an option. but like I said, I would try to get an estimate first. good luck!
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    If it were me, I would list it on EBAY for 2500.00 and use the 'make me an offer' system. Anything 'signed' is easily valued x5 over something without an autograph.

    Thats just me....

    By the way, now you have peaked my curiosity and I am currently downloading the wiki-leak copy so I can read it [​IMG]
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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    Now your talking! Great information. Thank you all. Sometimes the most obvious is the hardest to see.

    Imp- You don't know how right your suggestion of selling to law enforcement is. It is rumored that there is a "committe" to purchase these books. Like a secret society or something. HAHA.


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