Booted bantam that is limping


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Apr 23, 2020
Our booted bantam is limping and upon inspection the only thing noticable on his foot and leg in a small crack on a toe and where the feathers enter the foot is pink/red and looks inflamed. We cleaned his foot and wrapped coban around and locked him in the coop (which he is s not happy about). Any suggestions? Not sure locking coming him up is making him use it less, he seems stressed because hens are out roaming and enjoying a 65 degree sunny day in MI in Nov!
Do you have pictures of the inflammed foot? What are you cleaning it with? Be care in using a stretchy bandage to not get it too tight to cut off circulation. If it is only on the foot, that may be fine.
I will take pictures tomorrow. I used betadine to clean. And coban not too tight, only on foot and not compressing feathers too tight on foot
I have seen a lot of pictures here where feather footed chickens had very inflammed skin on legs. Many never know the cause, but leg mites are usually a suggested cause.
I looked and did not see anything on base off feathers but will keep an eye out.
Pictures of red irritated skin on rooster


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That looks like a common problem. Hard to know if it is early leg mites, but you could try applying Ivomec pour on 0.1-0.15 ml to the back of the neck over the spine, and repeat that in 14 days. You could also use oral ivermectin, but I am not certain of a dosage. Maybe others will have more suggestions.

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