Born to soon? HELP!


5 Years
Jun 2, 2017
Upstate New York
Someone help! This little fella started to hatch yesterday. 2 hatched before him. I came home from work this evening and he still hadn’t hatched out - he had a hole and was peeking out this morning but that was about where he wasn’t since yesterday. When I came home this evening- one one of the healthy running around chicks hand died and he still was in his egg. I took out the dead one and decided to help get him out of his egg because he seemed dead or very close to it. He’s peeping but definitely doesn’t look like he finished growing. He was all hard and crusty. And he has this lump of something on him. I gently soaked off the dried on yolk or sack. He’s chirping and took water and moving his legs and now flapping his little wings. His eyes are closed. What should I do?

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