Born with Umbilical cord around neck.


8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
Buckley, WA
I had a chick I had to help out of its shell last night. It tried but couldnt get out. When it emerged, I swore it was deformed. Its left leg was stuck up over its head, its body all balled up. I thought for sure it would be dead in the morning. So, took it out a bit ago and noticed something odd. What I found was its umbilical cord was wrapped under its leg then up over its neck. It was now dried to the chick. I freed it from the cord and found its leg WASNT deformed! It was stuck! Now, Im worried about the chick. Hopefully if will be able to unravel its self now and live a happy healthy life. Poor thing! Anyone have this happen before? Im glad I helped it. It would had died for sure.
try to get a warm wet tissue and wipe the chick to get as much
dried sticky stuff off

then dry with a towel or hair dryer

and hopefully it should be ok and live well

maybe a little slower then the other but should be ok
Its already trying to move around a bit better! Its all crusty from drying off all funky. Now I just have to hope taking it out didnt disturb the rest of the hatch. Luckily, humidity never went below 63. Its leg that was stuck appears to have been stuck like that for awhile. Hopefully, It can figure out how to use it.Thanks!

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