"Borrowing" table top incubators....Buffalo NY local would be awesome.


8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Buffalo NY
I wonder if anyone has ever done this?
I've been doing lots of research, and I think our family would like to hatch our own little 'flock' of silkie chickens.

We're in Buffalo NY and wondered if anyone would be willing to loan us a good table top incubator for about a month....if not local, I'd obviously pay both ways shipped, and compensate on top of that. It'd be great if it was someone local and could borrow and return for a fee.
I'm not opposed to buying one, but since we can only keep 5 chickens in the city, I only anticipate needing to do one hatching for a good while, so no sense in buying one just to have it sit around.

I'm not really interested in doing something DIY, as if it didn't go well, I'd feel pretty guilty.

I'd also take recommendations on a good inexpensive incubator, if you have experience with one...thanks!

That's the exact incubator I've been looking at, found it as cheap as $120. Just figured I'd try and borrow first if possible
I am on Long Island NY
I'd let you borrow my genesis 1588 after my hatch(well hopefully) 2 bad we are so far

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