BOSS Question???

My girls get soooooo excited when they see me head for the BOSS pail. I just get a scoop full and throw it in the run. Keeps them busy for a little while. I have 12 hens now and I give them around 4 cups a day.
I do the same most days - just toss it out there and let them have at it. But on dismal days, when they don't want to be scratching around out there, I sometimes sprinkle a little in their feeder or on the floor of the coop (because I spoil them). If I just put it outside, the wretched chipmunks eat it all before the birds get out to snack. I wouldn't put only BOSS in a feeder, because then they would eat that and only that. Kind of like saying, "Here, kids - here's a big bowl of M&Ms, but make sure you eat your tuna casserole first!" and walking away. Yeah, right...
Toss your BOSS.

Or feed it to them by hand, occasionally.

On cruddy days, when they seem to want to stay inside the coop, toss some into the litter.
I just started feeding BOSS this past weekend. So far wife is throwing it on the ground outside the run just before she lets them out every morning. They go for it immediately as a treat.
I toss some in the run, feed it to them out of my hand, put some in their "treats" dish and even just toss it in the yard for them find as they roam around. They love the BOSS and it seems to be a great source of fun for them.
Man my gals LOVE this stuff! How much is okay per day for 7 girls? I have been giving them about 1-2 cups a day, and they gobble it up fast! I hope I am not over doing it. If I can safely give more, I know they would love it.

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