Boswellia for Dogs / Pain Relief


Jul 12, 2016
Has anyone tried Boswellia for their dog's arthritis, if so was it effective? I have read that it should be paired with curcumin to improve bioavailability. I cook with a lot of turmeric because the taste is relatively mild and it is supposed to help with inflammation. The dogs eat what I eat, because I cook everything from scratch and avoid foods that are dangerous for dogs. I want to move away from arthritis drugs like Rimadyl because I know that NSAIDS are irritating for my dog's GI tract. I have a large LGD who is 7 years old. She is very stiff at night. But we get out every day and she runs as much as she wants. I also have a little dog who is very sensitive to pain. I don't want to give him NSAIDS unless its really warranted. So I thought Boswellia would be a good supplement for both of them. I've been a little hesitant to use it because I was worried about allergies, but neither of them seem sensitive to it. Boswellia was recommended by a naturopathic vet that I've been watching on YouTube. He seems very reputable.
I've not heard of using boswellia but turmeric paste (not just in food) as an added supplement. Best thing is also keeping them very lean and if possible increasing low impact exercise such as swimming.

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