Bottle feeding a baby goat!!!


5 Years
Oct 3, 2014
I will hopefully be expecting a little mini Nubian(Nigerian dwarf x Nubian cross) doeling sometime ether by the end of this month(may) or the first week of June. I have been waiting since February!! So I'm super excited. I have read so many books and articles findin the best way to raise her. Now I know some people are against bottle raising but u want to bottle raise her because I want her to be my first milk goat. I do own goats already 4 to me exact that two the day I got there mom she gave birth to them, no longer have there mom then twin more, they are Nigeran dwarfs, mini Nubian, and a kinder. None of them came from milking lines. But I would like some advice from people who have raised a bottle baby, I plan in using the whole cows milk and 1 can of evaporated milk. But how much should i feed her since she is half Nigeran and half Nubian so she won't be as big as a normal Nubian but not as small as a Nigerian, even though my mini Nubian for I have already is tiny. Also I plan on just using a regular baby bottle, I know you can keep different flow nipples so should i get slow, medium, or fast? Also I live in VA and it's starting to get to stay in the 80s so would it be ok when I go outside to feed my goats if I let her socialize with them after they have eaten, while I clean and do water tanks. I will keep her in the house while she is still get her bottles but when i start weaning her let her stay out during the day and slowly let her stay out there all the time. Any advice is welcomed!

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