Bottlejaw in goats need info

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by papagoose, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Jul 13, 2008
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    Hey all it's goat Alice that kidded in Feb has bottlejaw I think. Her face is huge. She hasn't been feeling well, she has scours, and tonight I just came in from checking on them, and her little face is huge. It looks like she does have some swollen lymph nodes. I can't get a farm call until next Thursday, but I am going to call in the morning, and beg them to come out tomorrow. She looks so miserable. She is eating and drinking. She has been wormed, but that was in Nov. The vet has been out once right after she kidded which was Feb. If I can't get them to come out tomorrow, what can I do for her myself? Does anyone have any info on this at all? I am using DH's screen name for the moment he is on my computer.
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    From my experience with bottle jaw in sheep, it is caused by a severe worm infestation that leads to anemia and is deadly. Worming a goat that has such a heavy worm load will weaken the goat so keeping them hydrated is essential. Also if you don't have the pasture space to rotate them, goats pick up worms again right after you worm them.
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    I would definately consult a vet. Bottle jaw can be caused by two things: worms (esp round worms & liver flukes) and general illness.

    Check for a fever. If there's one, treat it (banamine is my DOC)

    Treat the scours with kao or pepto, also get her on a scour antibiotic like DiMethox.

    Hit her with lots of ProBios.

    B Complex would be helpful, too, as would SQ fluids.

    If your vet decides you need to deworm, ask for a gentle "power pack" program to rid the goat of worms slowly so as not to further tax her system.

    Best of luck, please keep us posted!
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    Will this affect the kids? They are in the stall with her. I have been cleaning the stall twice a week, clean water and food daily. It is very cold here. We just had a snow storm on Tuesday night, so I don't keep the outside. I will keep you posted. I just feel horrible for her. She looks painful. Calling vet first thing in the morning.
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    Did you worm her when she kidded? If it is bottlejaw she needs worming and also some Iron. The wormer wont hurt the kids if anything it will help the babies. I have seen this in cattle and if you treat the worm load and worm then again in 10 days then again in 10 day with a pste wormer it should help. I would also get some injectable iron from the vet to treat the anemia. Are her eyelids pink or pale??? Any temp??? I always worm my does when they kid and then again in 10 days. This breaks the worm cycle.
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    Feb 8, 2008
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    Please keep us updated. I hope she's feeling better, poor girl [​IMG]
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    Jan 8, 2008
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    Called the vet this morning, and took in a stool sample for a fecal float. Vet also came out after getting the results from the float, Alice is infested with worms, and so she treated her for that. She also took several blood samples from Alice. Dr. Katie is worried that Alice may have Johne's. She explained what it was to me, and I am very concerned because that is exactly what Alice is doing. She eats and drinks, but is losing weight lots of weight. If that is what she has then I will have to have her put down. I will get all of the others tested also. I am very worried for her and my babies. I will not find out anything until next week, but they are coming out next Thursday to worm everyone, and give 2nd boosters to the babies.
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    [​IMG] I'll keep my fingers crossed that she doesn't have it. That would be terrible for you all. [​IMG]
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    Feb 8, 2008
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    Sending good thoughts your way [​IMG]
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    did the vet check for barber pole worm?

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