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  1. Im wondering when I can put my coturnix quail chicks on wire bottom? do I have to wait 4 weeks? Or just a few days?
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    Good question.. I'm wondering as well.. :)

    Mine hatched last week and I've had them on shelf liner because I've read here that softer surfaces like shavings have a bad effect on foot and leg development. All of mine get around fine but my system is only good for 2 days because they are little poop machines and it quickly covers the bottom. Today I'm getting another tall bin so I can set it up with wood pellet bedding and transfer them to the clean brooder for easier cleaning. It would help if I could use up some 1/8" X 1/8" hardware cloth I have. I want to cut a piece big enough to fit the bottom and be slightly raised and put the pellets under the wire to capture the humidity. It would last for more then 2 days, I think.
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    You can get them on wire after a few days, definitely by one week. After the quail have figured out where to find food, I always move them on to wire. It helps control cocci. Although I always offer them a flat surface somewhere in the brooder if they do want to get off the wire.
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  4. Sweet, Gives me some Ideas :D

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