Bought a house that included chickens ❤️


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Jul 6, 2016
Apex, North Carolina
Hi! I'm Janet and my hubs and myself just bought get a house on an acre. The house came with 3 cute chickens and I named them all Lola.
We live in Apex, North Carolina! #1 small town in the United States!
We have three children, all in college and a sweet little cocker spaniel named Millie!
Welcome! We were looking at houses with acreage recently and even though the house wasn't a great fit for us I was tempted by one because it came with a chicken flock :p
We got our first 4 quail chicks a couple weeks ago, I really hope we got all or mostly girls!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Aww...what a cutie pie!!
Just adorable!

Every house should come with chickens.

Great to have you aboard and we do welcome you to our flock! :)


Cute pup..and all you have to do to call your chickens to come is to call....Lola!
I think I would call them The Lolas. Love your cocker, what a beautiful expression. Along time ago I used to breed & show cocker - blacks, buffs, reds. My last three made it to 14 years old. Haven't had a dog since January 1989. I just couldn't take losing another one.
:welcome.hi Janet,and welcome to BYC!!your dog is very cute,and the house that it came with chickens is so so so cool!im so glad you join! :)
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