Bought chicks but....


6 Years
Sep 4, 2013
They just keep dying. I'm not new to having chicks. I ordered them from someone online and they did travel a little distance, but were at my post office within 2 days. The first day everyone was doing well and then they just started dying off in 2 or 3's. wondering what I did wrong, can't say I did anything different from the last times I've raised chicks. I started off with 15 chicks and am down to 5 right this minute. They show no signs of being sick, one hour they are up running around and chirping, the next hour they are dead.
That's awfully strange. Sorry for your loss, maybe you should get some save-a-chick and put it in their water.
Where did you order them from? I would contact them and tell them the trouble you're having. It may be something in their hatcheries or incubators.
I did, but they said they hadn't had any trouble...they thought it was from the shipping, but usually after a week, I don't worry about losing them. Just wondering if there is a disease that anyone knows of that these chicks might have. I'm incubating some eggs and I don't really want to expose new chicks to something, even though I will keep them separated.

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