Bound with multiple eggs

Jul 9, 2020
Guthrie, ok
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My Coop
I have an eggbound hen with what feels like 3 eggs in there sideways. I am willing to do the bath and calcium, etc but am worried this will kill her no matter what. Cull or try treatment? I guess I'll just start treatment while i await opinions...
I would try treatment, personally. A lot of people have different moral feelings about ending suffering vs treatment. I don't think either opinion is wrong. It's whatever you feel comfortable doing, but I've seen plenty of successful treatments with egg bound hens! There's always that risk that what you're feeling isn't an egg, but until she passes the eggs or passes away, you may not know with 100% certainty. What is your treatment plan?
Does she normally lay eggs every day? Can you give her half of a calcium tablet or Tums to see it that helps her pass an egg? Lash eggs which is a sign of salpingitis, and those can also feel hard. When performing a necropsy on hens who have died, I have seen a few of those. Would it be possible to see a vet familiar with chickens?
I'm too late. Had I not held her head up in the bath, she would have let herself drown. She is not responding at all to me placing bits if calcium in her mouth.
She is likely the one who had been laying on the nest, jumping up and doing the egg song but not leaving an egg. She never acted ill until I found her this morning.
This year just sucks. I lost a drake 2 weeks ago to hardware disease and a duck hen last night to a predator. My dad in August.
Sorry, just needed to vent. I feel like a horrible caretaker.
I'm sorry for your losses, especially your dad. Don't feel that way. The sin curse caused allowed terrible things that God never ment to happen. May God give you peace during this difficult time. :hugs

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