bourbon red eggs

We have two young hens that started laying Feb. 14. For a week or so it was 1 egg every other day, but now its one a day. I'm hoping they will both start laying one a day soon so we can save a bunch to put in the incubator after the chicken eggs hatch at the end of the week.
Man, I wish mine would start laying. I have six bourbon red hens out in the back yard doing their best Three Stooges impersonation every time they see me (Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!) Then the toms make that other sound, like when they flip their hand over their head, (Balububalubaluba)
Sometimes I would get severn eggs a day out of seven hens last year, and sometimes none, tow or three, four, you never know with those girls.
I have two hens (one tom) and one or both just started laying sporatically for about the last 10 days. I've only gotten 4 eggs so far and the first one we didn't keep since we didn't know how old it was. She obviously didn't lay it in the nesting boxes for the chickens, so it was on the other side of the coop buried in the shavings. We just put them in the bator with a dozen chicken eggs for our first test run. We'll see what happens!
Can't wait til they REALLY start laying!

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