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  1. Mom gave me a box of flax she had for sometime... tastes alittle bitter to me but I don't know what its supposed to taste like. I have it in the fridge, is it possibly rancid? Not good to give

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Is it powder or seed? Flax breaks down easily in the heat or light. It's probably not rancid, just stale. Feed it to your chickens.

    I've got about 60 more pounds of flax seed out in the barn I got a deal on a few months ago. The birds sorta eat it.
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    From what I understand,it's not the most pleasant tasting thing,but is good for them. I would suggest cooking it in a pan of cornbread and feeding it. Also, be careful about feeding to much as it can cause the eggs to have a "fishy" flavor.
  4. thank you!
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    Jul 24, 2008
    Fresh flax seed has a pleasant, mild, nutty flavor- not bitter at all.
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    Quote:Yeah flax seed is good, and really good for you (omega-3's) they taste more like a hard sunflower seed.
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    flax seed should be ground or chopped before eating in order for the body to get the most out of it. after it has been ground it needs to be refrigerated.whole it can be kept on the shelf. according to the farm market near us it will go bad after grinding if not kept in the fridg.

  8. yeah, its powdery like. I have it in the fridge but I dont think she did. But it LOOKS fine.

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