Box vs. Round brooders?


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Mar 2, 2009
Central Minnesota
I'm getting my brooder ready (it's never too early, right?) and I plan to use a big cardboard box. It's heavy-duty cardboard and is about 3'w x 3'l x 18" deep. I figure this will work for a couple weeks until my 6 chicks get too big for it. My big concern is if I need to worry about a chick getting crushed by the other chicks into a corner. Has anyone had this problem? Should I round out the corners to prevent this?

As long as the heat lamp is in the middle and I monitor the temp carefully I'm hoping the box will work. Otherwise I have a giant Rubbermaid tub and a large dog kennel to use. Both have slightly rounded corners.

My brooder has sguare corner and had a lot more than 6 chick at a time in it with no problem.3 x 3 will give them alot of room to move around I think it will be fine. DK
I used a 4x4' wooden packing crate to brood my babies and put 36 chicks in it - they liked to do the chick pile every time they slept, but no one got smothered.

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