6 Years
Feb 3, 2013
I bought 2 Barred Rocks, 1 Gold Sex Link, and 1 Easter Egger at "Chick Day" at my local feed store. I was wondering if there were any ways to sex the chicks. I don't know exactly how old they are, but if it helps, when I bought them they had tiny little feathers on their wings. They are A LOT bigger now.

This was them right after I bought them:

And this is them now:

(Gold Sex Link)

(Easter Egger)

(Barred Rock)

(Barred Rock)

I know the pictures of the Barred Rocks are bad for sexing but they are just curious so they come towards the camera so I can't get a body shot. Thanks
I gotta disagree! Those barred rocks look totally girly to me...too dark to be boys. I don't see any cause for alarm in the EE either. Anyone with more experience wanna chime in?
I don't know anything about gold sex links. And, the easter egger, it's hard to tell. If you could take some pictures without the heat lamp it would help. EE's are easier to sex if we can see their color. Also a better pic of it's comb.

About the BR's, they can be fairly accurately sexed when they're babies. As chicks, yours make me think they're males. Males have a smeary white spot while females have a very defined one. As they grow, females are blackish with white while males are much whiter. Your birds' feathers make me think female, but then, their combs are pretty predominant. So, I can't really say either way right now, although 2 of my 3 tells are pointing to male.

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