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12 Years
Feb 3, 2007
san diego ca
Sunday, DW an I drove from San Diego to Borrego Springs to check out the facilities at a place where I'm gonna cook (a whole other story)
ANYWAY. It's about an hour thirty minute drive, so on the way back we stopped at the Julian Pie Co. for, wait for it ...PIE.

And just down the street, wouldn't you know it, Just happened to be a feed store.
They, just by chance mind you, had several brooders of chicks hopping around having a good ole time.
DW was all ooohs and aaaah, and "SOOOO CUTE!!!"
they had black and buff silkies, BO's, and a few others I can't remember.

My evil plan is coming together.
but DW still thinks that my two silkies would team up and kill any chicken I brought home. She wants to wait until one of them dies. I don't think she realizes how long a chicken can live when well cared for.... thinks you're going to be coming home with some chickies!
I can see it now.. "But DW, they made me do it!"
Come up with an excuse, quick!
If she's oohing and ahing over cute little chicks hopping won't be long now
let us know what you pick out.

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