Boy or girl Frizzle?


5 Years
May 14, 2015
Seattle, WA.

I'm starting to wonder if my 3 month old Cochin frizzle is really a rooster! I've never had a frizzle before- she has a feisty personality and runs around like a sheep dog. I heard her make a funny er-er sound twice in the last few days. I live in Seattle- can't keep a boy.

Thanks for your help!

Her comb seemed pink and noticeably bigger at a few weeks old. I wondered if just characteristic of breed... I also really want to keep her so I'm wishing she's a she!
Howdy Jaquieo and welcome to BYC

I have two Frizzles a 17 month old bantam Cochin and a Silke X.

They are both girls. The 17 month old has the same personality that you describe for your little one; she has always been the clown of the flock and runs (or bounces) everywhere.

I hope your little one is not a rooster but at 3 months old, the colour and size of the comb is a little disconcerting and may indicate a boy and the funny noise may be first attempts at crowing; but I would not make a judgement on temperament, as I mentioned, I believe Frizzles can have a tendency towards being a little on the crazy side

For comparison, this is LuLu at 5 and then 6 months old; she laid her first egg at 9 months old:

I note you mention the comb size and colour was noticeably bigger at a few weeks old; another comparison shot of a 6 week old pullet; small, pale comb:

Edited to Add: I forgot to mention; he or she is a little cutie!
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Those photos are very helpful! Thank you -
I had a feeling our little "popcorn" was a boy at a few weeks, but have been in denial. haha

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