Boy or girl Gold Laced Cochins


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Mar 30, 2013
Littleton, CO
At 4 weeks comb is much bigger than the others..... Is this a boy?



Here's another one that I'm thinking is a pullet:

Bump for help! Also wondering why the first chick has so much more white feathering than the others?? The two I think are pullets are both mostly dark like the second chick above...
The first chick doesn't look gold laced, but does look male. Maybe he was a mottled crossed with a gold laced? Second chick looks silver laced to me? Maybe it's the lighting, but the feathers coming in look white along the shafts to me, not gold, but so far looks like a pullet. Where did you get the chicks?
I got them from a local feed store so a mix is definitely possible. I believe it is just the lighting on the second pic because she doesn't have any silver coming in. If the suspect roo is a mix, could that explain the faster growing comb and mean that maybe .... "he" is a "she"? (Wishful thinking)

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