Boy or girl!? Help!


Feb 2, 2015
Orange County, California


New at chicks, I usually get full grown hens, but couldn't resist getting a polish! Not supposed to have chickens, let alone a rooster! Can anyone help me figure out if this is a hen or roo?!
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Welcome to BYC!!

How old is your chick?
Do you know what breed it is?
Thank you!! Polish crested and I'd say about 4 weeks now. Picked it up at the feed store. Unfortunately, they're sold as straight run. You get what you get.

I am not an expert, but I am going to make a guess here (based on what everyone has been telling me)
that it may be still too young to tell!

I'm am pretty sure an expert will chime in soon and give you a "real" answer, good luck!
I'm guessing, purely on the shape of the crest, that this lil one is a cockerel. Again, I am no expert, but generally the pullets have a more rounded crest while the cockerels have a strange kind of punk rockerish type crest.

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